To New Beginnings!

Feb 18, 2020 | Blog

It’s been a busy few weeks for Oddbox. Officially open again full-time I thought it would be a nice idea to spend some time on not just a spring-clean, but a total site rebuild after frankly just getting a little sick of staring at the old one. As most designers experience it’s often our own sites that get the least attention, needing to be squeezed between busy work.

So this is really just a quick blog article to say hello again, to our long-standing clients, thanks for sticking in there! To people who don’t know, welcome! If you have any questions about what we can do for you, or even just can’t get in touch with your dev to ask how to fix something… Get in touch, we don’t bite. The whole reason Oddbox was founded was because there’s just not enough nice guys around, there’s no £3000 price tag for a WordPress website here (yeah, a lot of agencies charge that).

In celebration of being back we will be offering a significant discount to our first clients, stay tuned as we figure out the numbers for that though!

Until then, the site will be worked on over the next few days, and keep your eyes out for articles as there’ll be some advice articles to help business owners and entrepreneurs / freelancers on everything from design basics, website tips, SEO, as well as some helpful tools we have coming your way too.

Hi, I'm Mat

Hi, I'm Mat

Owner / Senior Digital Designer

A digital designer with over 15 years experience working in-house and freelance. I started Oddbox because I got tired of seeing agencies exploiting and overcharging their clients, and decided to be one of the good guys. My goal is to help businesses get an amazing service, at a reasonable price. I also enjoy writing helpful articles to give some tips and advice to anyone who needs it for free.

If you want to request a future article topic, or discuss how Oddbox can help you and your business – get in touch!

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